The Ultimate Forex Masterclass is an online course put together by professional trader, Sachin Kotecha. The course is a refinement and improvement to Sachin Kotecha’s extremely popular course the Professional Forex Trader Program. Teaching you advanced trading strategies that give you a competitive advantage in the Forex Markets. Retail traders tend to use outdated strategies and indicators in their forex trading that haven’t worked since the 1990’s, it is therefore no surprise why they lose money. The Ultimate Forex Masterclass bridges the wide knowledge gap that exists between retail traders and professional traders.  

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  • Description Up to date education is key in this trade.  Without the knowledge you will lose. I Highly recommended it, the strategies are well taught and fully explained. It's a complete and fully comprehensive course... You can't go wrong with this! 

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  • Linda Price

    by Linda Price | November 7, 2019

    Description A very comprehensive forex course that Sachin has put together, extremely useful! 

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  • Phil Tom

    by Phil Tom | September 11, 2019

    Description Very useful education, just shows how retail traders take completely the wrong approach without the proper education. Highly recommended. 

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