Forex Trade Club Membership

As a member of Sachin Kotecha’s Forex Trade Club you get access to a vast range of premium features in addition to all the benefits from the free membership:



 ✅ Access Sachin Kotecha’s Trade Ideas


Receive Trade Ideas generated by Sachin Kotecha as used in his personal trading. All Trade Ideas are accompanied with detailed systematic analysis across multiple time frames – the exact same trades that Sachin himself takes. Sachin Kotecha’s Forex Trade Club contains an archive of all Trade Ideas Sachin has generated and their respective entry and exit points. In addition to having access to Sachin’s Trade Ideas, you will also receive Push Notification Signals based on that analysis anywhere in the world, ensuring you don’t miss crucial trades.


 ✅ Push Notifications


In addition to members being able to view all of Sachin Kotecha’s Trade Ideas, members will receive Push Notifications of new Trade Ideas to ensure you don’t miss the optimum entry into the trade, also saving you time from monitoring the respective currency charts waiting for the entry.


 ✅ Instant Private Messaging


As a Trade Club Member, you will be able to send private messages to fellow premium members allowing you to build real friendships and collaborate with one another. Instant private messages can also be sent to Sachin Kotecha.


 ✅ Access Forex Market News


Sachin Kotecha's Forex Trade Clubs state-of-art market news flow allows you to keep up to date on all the latest forex developments, analysts views and essential economic data. The news feed fetches hourly updates from across the world from reliable and verified sources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and centralises everything on the platform, ready for you to access on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Keeping up to date on forex market news has never been so convenient and freely accessible – until now!


 ✅ Access FXCash


Sachin Kotecha’s Forex Trade Club is home to the ground-breaking long term reverse engineered cryptocurrency project. Access all project details, updates and developments, you can also purchase FXCash and earn FXCash. As a member, you will have access to your online wallet where you can view your current FXCash balance, transactional history and earned FXCash. Access directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Our two-factor authentication and state-of-art security features ensure your FXCash are kept safe, at all times.


 ✅ Access Sachin Kotecha’s Thought Updates


Sachin Kotecha is well known for his legendary social media statuses that educate, entertain and inform people on the realities of the world around them both socially and financially. As a member, you will get exclusive access to the thought-provoking statuses that is not shared on social media. The Thoughts feature allows you to access this content created by Sachin Kotecha very quickly on your smartphone, tablet or computer – wherever you are. If you follow Sachin Kotecha on social media and enjoy reading his posts, this is a must! It's also free!


 ✅ Advanced Charting


Sachin Kotecha’s Forex Trade Club has integrated the worlds most advanced charting software which is accessible through your smartphone, tablet or computer. Access a vast list of built-in indicators, chart drawing tools across all forex currency pairs with real-time data allowing you to trade with precision. No need to pay thousands for charting software ever again. The advance charting is much better and free-flowing compared to forex broker charting software on platforms such as cTrader and MT4. Compare multiple currencies on multiple timeframes, simply a must!


 ✅ Economic Calendar


Sachin Kotecha’s Forex Trade Club has a custom integrated economic calendar with real-time data feeds. The custom features on the calendar allow you only to receive data that is important to your trading and doesn’t include all additional data that will not help with your trading. Economic data plays a crucial role in trading, often ignored by a lot of retail traders only due to the amount of economic data available and confusion this causes people. If you want to be a successful trader, you simply can’t avoid economic data. Our streamlined custom economic calendar can help you


 ✅ Forex Screener


Generating good forex trade ideas is key to successful trading, our integrated forex screener gives you access to view potential trade ideas based over various conditions that you can choose, albeit based on moving averages, oscillators and many other parameters on all forex currency pairs.  Trade ideas off the screener or use the screener to confirm or compare your own technical analysis-based trade ideas, the forex screener can also be used to gauge market sentiment on various currencies over various timeframes of your choice.


 ✅ Events


Sachin Kotecha’s Forex Trade Club holds various events throughout the year ranging from forex vacation mentoring programs, workshops, seminars and social events for members and non-members at multiple locations around the world. Events are a great way to meet Sachin Kotecha in person and meet like-minded traders. 


 ✅ Trusted Brokers 


Finding a trusted forex broker by yourself can be a very time consuming and challenging task. Sachin Kotecha’s Forex Trade Club can leverage its massive user base and negotiate on its member's behalf excellent trade conditions and trade accounts with low spreads, commission and swaps. Members have a much louder voice with the broker when opening a trade account via Sachin Kotecha’s Forex Trade Club’s partner brokers, which otherwise wouldn’t be possible if you were to open a trade account independently.


 ✅ Connect With Traders


It is common knowledge that trading by yourself can become an isolated career, especially trading full time. Sachin Kotecha’s Forex Trade Club makes it very easy for you to interact, engage and connect with other traders who are in a similar position to you. Share ideas, build lifelong friendships and simply just have a laugh with likeminded people. Trading is fun, but it’s even more fun when you are surrounded by awesome people.



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